Checking and monitoring websites

Mesbat police support system of self-governing and independent and non-affiliated sites online support and safety and security vision


Monitoring system and receiving bots and certificates

Private system

Mosbat police surveillance system

we support these site they are site and no harmful all of them are under control banner and flag mesbat police safety and moral center

Hello i am mesbatpolic chief of agency Security center

We introduce sites in the mesbat police all of them have confirmed and signed the code of ethics of police integrity and are members mesbat police in the services of scientific promotion and higher understanding of society.

we monitoring websites on mesbat police and gave them rank and mark them as trustfull site converting with software support center and plan to support better and customer center half price to all people of world

with 100$ you can use mesbatpolic service we review your website and that for free website non center not all of them we check Business website clearly and with special option and software support to help them better working with law price

200page 2000 user only 200$

Websites and systems covered by Police Mesbat

To see the certificate and the confirmation letter and the description of each of the sites under the verification, refer to the said site and system and at the end of that site, click on the police verification badge and you will be directed to the verification page of the said site.

All sites support users and people who trust them in their services, and we also mesbat police as a secondary portal of your communication with the customer and that site, we are by your side and provide services.

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    digital online web

    its online website to support people and Customers support when support of one or many site is not online we will support them any way Customers when is not happy even we will pay them and we will gave them they money if they spend money into those site site are under mesbatpolic customer support

    we only support and pay about those site are linked into our site not all of website in internt

    its so bad many people they mind working badly to broken people heart

    when we talking with each other and with any Customers service we will get that chance to show our kindness and humniti to all people and all creations by animals even ghost have right to Experience happyness

    those site are under flag and banner

    are kind many mans on under support humanity and kindness


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